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Discover how your smile could benefit from the help of a dentist in Hastings

Updated: May 21, 2020

Prevention is the best form of treatment

At Warrior Square Dental Practice, we put the preventive approach to dentistry at the core of our services. We are a dentist in Hastings who believes that the most effective form of dental care, is preventing any dental care from becoming necessary in the first place. This is achieved through investing in the education of our patients - of all ages - on good brushing and oral hygiene techniques, as well as handy home-tips. That said, we understand that some patients have concerns or issues with the way their teeth appear on an aesthetic plain. In response to these growing concerns, we also offer an entire range of cosmetic dentistry options, which can aid in addressing most issues affecting the appearance of a patient's teeth, such as stains or discolouration, missing teeth, dentures or teeth which are misaligned.

Dental hygienist services

As mentioned, at Warrior Square Dental Practice, we are a dentist in Hastings that proudly supports and encourages preventive dentistry - with the aim of ensuring our patients’ teeth are as strong and healthy as they can be, and the need for further, more extensive dental work is avoided. Much of this is achieved through the services of our expertly trained dental hygienists. With over two decades of first-hand preventive and cosmetic dental experience, our practitioners are well versed in dealing with all manner of dental issues and problems. One of the most highly effective and much sought after services that is provided by our dental hygienist, is a scale and polish service. This is a procedure which is designed to rid the patient’s teeth of any plaque or tartar build-ups, and to vastly reduce the risk of periodontal disease or gingivitis developing. A scale and polish service also often improves the visual aesthetics of a patient's teeth, as it removes stains that are a result of the plaque’s presence.

Although a scale and polish may improve the appearance of teeth, this is not a cosmetic treatment and it does not remove stains related to smoking, tea, coffee, alcohol and other food which may stain the teeth such as curry.

Cosmetic stain removal and tooth whitening

For those who wish to go above and beyond the aesthetic boost of a scale and polish service, and wish to have teeth which are visibly far brighter and whiter looking - we also offer a range of cosmetic options including but not limited to stain removal and Enlighten tooth whitening system.

At Warrior Square Dental Practice, we are a dentist in Hastings who understands that our patients are often self-conscious about the whiteness of their smiles. Over the years, the natural

enamel of our teeth can fade and become grey or yellow. In addition, some lifestyle factors - including smoking, the frequent consumption of highly staining and highly acidic drinks and foods - can increase this staining or discolouration.

Stain Removal

Stain removal is a purely cosmetic procedure, it is a very popular and effective procedure, aims to remove stain build up and restore the natural shade of the teeth.

Stain removal is a safe, quick and pain free procedure, in which a stream of fine powder particles is used to gently polish away stubborn stains off a tooth surface.

Stain removal is very effective in removing nicotine staining, coffee, tea, alcohol and other food staining off the teeth.

Tooth whitening

While stain removal will restore the natural shade of teeth, tooth whitening will lighten up and improve this natural shade and therefore give a real boost to your smile and confidence.

Nowadays there are innumerable home-whitening kits which can be purchased from beauticians, however we strongly recommend that our patients avoid these as they are often illegal and can cause a damaging impact on the patient’s enamel. We recommend patients should only carry out whitening which is provided to them by their dentist, to avoid damaging their enamel and overall oral health.

At Warrior Square Dental Practice, we provide our patients with the perfectly safe and reputable Enlighten dentist supervised home-whitening system, which is the only tooth whitening system which boasts a 98% success rate, and works by passing directly through the patient's enamel, rather than eroding or damaging it. Those who opt for this method of whitening are guaranteed to see their teeth visibly brighten to a healthy hue and can often find their self-confidence vastly increased.

Find out more about the full range of other dental treatments provided by your dentist in Hastings at warrior square dental practice by visiting the treatments page on our website.

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