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Straightening teeth at a dentist in Hastings

We have a solution for elegant and discreet teeth straightening at your dentist in Hastings which is made to improve your life and not disrupt it. With Invisalign at Warrior Square Dental Practice we hope to not only correct any tooth misalignments you may have, but to also improve your overall dental health and help you gain a bit more confidence with a straighter, more elegant smile.

Why Invisalign?

This treatment is a favourite choice for patients all over the world, because it is ultimately discreet. The clear aligner system that is used offers patients like you the ability to take control of their orthodontic care on their own terms. This means that you can go about your life as normal without worrying about the types of foods you can eat or your personal appearance, because the aligners are both removable and invisible.

The next best thing to looking good is feeling good, Invisalign is said to be far less painful than the experience many have had with traditional braces, as the SmartTrack material gently pushes teeth into place with far less tension than braces which pull teeth into place. Along with being highly comfortable and trimmed to your exact gum line, the treatment itself is easy to manage. You change the aligners yourself at home every 1-2 weeks with non-invasive dental visits every 4-8 weeks, depending on the length of your treatment. At these visits we will check that everything is going according to plan and give you the next set of aligners for you to manage until the following appointment at your dentist in Hastings.

How does it work?

If you are a good candidate for this treatment we will take photographs, X-rays, and 3D digital scans of your mouth and teeth and use this imaging to create a treatment plan just for you. This information helps a laboratory create your customised aligners with a computer algorithm that calculates how your teeth will move over time and using that information each aligner will be made to follow the last until the desired effect is reached.

How does it differ from traditional braces?

We have already discussed the difference in pushing and pulling the teeth into place with Invisalign favouring the faster, less painful pushing method, but why are visits to the dentist far less with this treatment too? With traditional braces, a dentist will constantly be needing to adjust the tension on the wires that are fixed to the front of the teeth by special metal brackets, whereas the changing of a clear aligner at home eliminates the need for a dentist in Hastings to do anything. Which frees up more time for you to get on with life and have fewer dental visits throughout your treatment.

The use of metal is a major difference, while you cannot remove traditional braces making things like eating and even playing sports difficult, you can remove the clear aligner which allows you to enjoy your regular diet and partake in any activities without hindrance. And lastly, aesthetically these aligners are very different; metal braces can be unsightly and Invisalign is invisible, making the choice very clear.

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