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Dental Implants Service - News

Warrior Square Dental Practice is happy to announce the arrival of implantology Dr. Jose Alvarez Placer who is based at the our practice. Dr Jose Alvarez Placer is now available to provide consultations at our practice regarding the suitability of providing implants in individual cases. At a consultation with Dr Jose Alvarez Placer, any queries about the procedure, finance, and your suitability for having implants placed can be answered. Dr. Jose Alvarez Place BDS, and an MSC in implantology .Dr Jose Alvarez Placer BDS. MsC Implantology and Oral Surgery, Postgraduate in orthodontic, will be joining the team here at Warrior square dental practice increasing the scope of specialist disciplines available in one centre. Dr Jose brings a wealth of experience and expertise in implant to Warrior square dental practice. He also is able to accept referral for Implantology. Jose is a great new member of team here, and I am sure that having a local implantology specialist will be of tremendous value to our colleagues and patient alike. If you would like to meet or talk to Jose about any aspect of your case, he will be please to oblige.