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Do I need a denture?

If you have lost some teeth and find that it is difficult to chew effectively or if your speech is affected, then you may need a denture to replace the missing teeth. You may also want a denture if you feel self conscious about the appearance of the gaps in your teeth. Just because you are missing some teeth, does not necessarily mean that you need a denture; you might feel that you can function with your remaining teeth, and are happy with the appearance of them.


Another reason you may need a new denture is that your existing denture has become loose or uncomfortable after a long period of wear.


How is a denture made?

A denture is made for you over several appointments. First, an assessment is needed to check the health of any remaining teeth, and the way that you bite down. After this, if the dentist feels that it is suitable for you to have a denture made, impressions of your mouth will be taken. We will send these impressions to a laboratory, who will send us some models of your existing mouth and teeth, and some wax blocks to record the way that you bite down. Once we record the way you bite, the dentist will choose the colour of your replacement teeth, always asking for your opinion on whether you agree to the colour chosen. We will then book another appointment to try on a mock-up of the denture, making sure the fit and appearance are optimal. If you are happy with the mock-up of the denture, we will send it back to the laboratory to be finished.

What will my new denture feel like?

If you have never worn a denture before, it can take some time to adjust and get used to it. It may feel slightly bulky in your mouth at first, or too tight in some places. We will review your denture a week or so after you take it home, and make any adjustments possible to make it comfortable for you. The end result can be very pleasing, and make a big improvement to your appearance and function.

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