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A consultation with a dentist in Hastings

For those who are a little nervous about going to visit a dentist in Hastings, it might be helpful to know that there is a general process that happens during the initial consultation when you visit us for the first time.

By being a little prepared and eliminating that fear of the unknown, you can feel empowered knowing that you are doing all that you can to improve the health of your mouth. Know that we are a friendly, compassionate and non-judgemental collection of professionals who are intent on ensuring that you get the best quality care in the most supportive and comforting way.

So when you book an appointment with your dentist in Hastings, you can relax knowing that we do not focus on the past or place blame for the condition your teeth are in. Rather, we look forward to the future and listen to your needs, so that we can help you to achieve the smile that you have always wanted and deserve.

Your first consultation will be filled with many questions, as well as a thorough examination of both the inside and outside of your mouth. But first, you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire that details your medical history and any past dental work that you can think of, alongside other questions asking about your general lifestyle and diet choices.

This questionnaire helps us to determine your overall health and wellbeing quickly, which may change how we approach your oral health care. It is important to be honest because we are looking to offer bespoke solutions to your needs and this can only be done if we work together.

During the consultation

When you come through to the examination room, we will sit down and talk to you for a while. Feel free to explain that you are feeling a little nervous if you wish to at this time. We do our best to make you feel comfortable and we take it slowly; we want to get to know you and your wishes during your time here with us.

After talking through any concerns you might have and going through the questionnaire, we will inspect your mouth for lesions that might indicate cancer, check your mouth for signs of disease and infection, examine your bite to determine whether it is correctly aligned and look at your teeth and gums thoroughly. This might include X-rays if necessary.

Once the examination is complete, your dentist in Hastings will go through the findings and suggest any course of action that needs to be taken. This could involve restorative treatments to bring your teeth back to full functionality and strength, or helping you to fine tune your preventive oral health care with improvements on your daily hygiene routine. Here you can discuss cosmetic solutions if this is of interest to you as well.

By making the effort to come in to see us twice a year, you can create for yourself an easier experience, where simple monitoring of health is to the forefront, as opposed to constant restorative work needing to be done.

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