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Let our dentist in Hastings get the spark back in your smile

Time to shine

At Warrior Square Dental Practice, our practitioners have always fought tirelessly on behalf of our patients to bring them the highest standard of dental care possible. Our dentist in Hastings recognises that, for a number of patient's, the last lear may have taken its toll on their oral wellbeing.

Rather than simply hiding your teeth away behind your favourite face mask or a tight smile, we strongly urge anybody that feels their oral health has suffered over lockdown to speak to one of our top-quality, approachable practitioners today.

In doing so you’ll be able to receive care across a massive field of dental treatments and approaches that have been refined over years to achieve the best possible results for your smile.

What type of dental care does your dentist in Hastings offer?

At Warrior Square Dental Practice, we are firm believers in taking an adaptive and tailored approach to the dental treatments we provide.

For patient's, this means that rather than purely treating one particular problem or concern, we will do everything we can to give them a smile they can be proud of - and we can mould the treatments we provide around their unique schedules, needs and preferences.

Adopting this tailored approach to treatments has allowed us to achieve a reputation as a dentist in Hastings that will only stop once the patient is happy and content that treatment is finished.

We employ a range of dental practitioners who specialise in all fields of dentisti from cosmetic treatments such as veneers or dental whitening to restorative treatments and discrete orthodontics like Invisalign.

Every treatment we provide at Warrior Square Dental Practice begins with a friendly, informal consultation. Over the years, we’ve learned that this approach is the best way to establish a lasting bond with our patient's.

It also lets them explain in their own way what their motivations for seeking our help are, which lets us create a treatment plan that will effectively achieve these goals or aspirations.

What sort of cosmetic treatments do you offer?

Before the national lockdown measures made getting dental treatments less accessible, cosmetic dentistry was one of the most widely sought out forms of treatment we offer.

Now, as life normality gradually resumes, our dentist in Hastings is happy to report that our cosmetic dentistry treatments are now back in business. Patients who desire treatments to enhance the aesthetics of their smiles, such as cosmetic whitening or porcelain veneers, can now book these treatments freely.

Cosmetic whitening is a process that aims to brighten and whiten a patient's enamel, through controlled quantities of a hydrogen-peroxide based gel. This gel is placed into a uniquely made dental retainer (moulded around the contours of every patient's teeth) and is placed over their teeth within our practice.

When the retainer is worn, the hydrogen-peroxide within the gel starts to immediately burn away any surface-area stains, marks and discolouration. Dental staining or a yellowing of your enamel can come about through a number of reasons, from habits like smoking to general age, but getting rid of them is something that we’ve mastered over the years and can now achieve in just one sitting.

We also offer at-home whitening which achieves similar results through the same method, only it is carried out from the patient home over roughly two weeks. If you’d like to see if dental whitening could help get the spark back into your smile, simply call or email us here at Warrior Square Dental Practice today and we’ll do all we can to help.

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