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Warrior Square Dental Practice is a dentist in Hastings providing high quality dental care

Why is it important to attend a dentist regularly?

Scheduling a regular dental check up at our dental clinic within Hastings is extremely important to maintain your dental hygiene and therefore your overall oral health. It helps your dentist to spot dental problems and correct them before they become more complicated and therefore avoid future dental problems. One example of the importance of regular visits to the dentist in Hastings is reducing the need for root canal treatments and teeth extractions by spotting and treating cavities at an earlier stage. Maintaining a good dental hygiene routine is key in preventing dental diseases such as gum disease.

What can I expect from my dental check-up at my dentist in Hastings?

During your regular dental check up at Warrior Square Dental Practice, a dentist in Hastings, you will be asked about your general health and any problems you had with your mouth, teeth and gums since your last visit, you will be further asked about your social habits, i.e. smoking, drinking, diet and dental hygiene routine and you will be given appropriate advice accordingly, you will undergo a few simple procedures and assessments of teeth, gums and surrounding oral tissues, further assessments i.e. radiographic examination will be carried out when needed and clinically justified. Your dentist will assess the overall mouth area for any issues they will then discuss your treatment options and will provide you with a tailor-made treatment plan outlining any treatment you may need and explaining the benefits, risks and cost involved.

Why choose our dental clinic within Hastings?

At Warrior Square dental practice, as a dentist in Hastings, we have over two decades of experience and offer our patients a wide variety of dental treatments, Including preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. As a professional dental healthcare team we pride ourselves in working together to deliver the best possible level of care to all our patients.

Where are you located?

We are a dentist in Hastings located in a prime location, within St Leonards on Sea overlooking the beautiful Warrior Square gardens. We are also situated closely and within walking distance to the bus stop as well as the St Leonards Warrior Square train station.

Can I drive to your dental clinic within Hastings?

Yes! Whether you are getting the bus, train, or driving, we have local access to all three transport options. If you choose to drive, you may park in one of many on street parking spaces outside and around the practice.

Do you have patient testimonials located on your website?

Yes! We understand the unique relationship between patient and dentist, which makes finding and choosing a new dentist a very difficult decision. Price, location, and convenience can play a major role in making your decision, however for many of us it is all about the experience of ourselves and others, Therefore, many of our patients decided to share their experience with you and provided us with different type of testimonials which you can access on our website and other social media platforms, so do not take our word for it, read, listen and watch what our patients have to say about us and decide for yourself.

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