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Straighten out that smile with Invisalign in Hastings

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Crooked teeth may not seem like much of a problem, but there are some substantial health problems that you could be putting yourself at risk of. Having a less than straight smile can lead to plaque and tartar build up between your teeth in those hard to reach spots, which if left untreated can develop into gingivitis and other infections of your gums.

Straightening out your teeth with and appoint for Invisalign in Hastings could substantially solve these problems before they get any worse. So with that in mind, here’s some extra information about this treatment for those that may still be a little unsure of it.

Background information

A visit for Invisalign in Hastings essentially involves the creation of a custom moulded see-through plastic brace that fits snugly over your teeth in the crooked sections that you would like to straighten. This is managed through the application of a direct but gentle amount of pressure onto your teeth that should realign to a neater and straight looking position in your gum line.

The treatment process

The fitting of the brace is where things get interesting as we use a scanning device to map out the shape and size of your teeth. Using lasers and LEDs we can obtain the exact spacing and position of each individual tooth, then with this information we’re able to manipulate a 3D version of this to show you where and how we are going to sort out those troublesome twisted teeth.

Once everyone is happy with the desired results we then shipped your data to a lab that will then produce your very own clear brace. At Warrior Square Dental Practice we will show you how we will plan to shape your smile into one that you will love to show off

Why is this different to other braces?

Although it may seem like it does the same job as a normal brace, where this one differs is that it’s completely removable, so you can take it out for eating meals, brushing your teeth or just taking a little break. However, we do recommend you keep it in for at least 22 hours to make sure the realignment is not interrupted. It’s also a lot less complicated to keep clean, follow the instructions coming with the aligners or speak to your dentist about hygienic care.

Cleaning your aligners at least once every second day should help to reduce staining of the brace as well as clear out any plaque or harmful bacteria that may have started to build up.

Hopefully this has cleared up a few things about our clear braces. If you have a few troublesome teeth of your own you would like to deal with then get in touch with our team at the practice.

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