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Why may an individual choose to have Invisalign In Hastings?

Invisalign is a large provider for clear aligners, which are a form of orthodontics that are far more subtle and aesthetically pleasing than other forms of orthodontics. An individual may choose to undergo this particular form of orthodontic treatment if they do not wish to have visible dental work. Some individuals may feel that obvious orthodontic treatment like traditional metal braces may hinder their confidence, or may simply make them feel conscious of the smile they are trying to perfect.

How does Invisalign In Hastings work?

Invisalign works in the same way as alternative forms of orthodontics, by encouraging the teeth to move in a positive direction. Initially, your dentist may speak with you during an initial consultation, ensuring you are eligible for this particular form of treatment. During your initial consultation you will have a digital scan (or impression) to prepare for your clear aligners. Your clear aligners should arrive at our dental clinic fairly quickly, and should be worn as soon as possible. Your Invisalign braces should be worn everyday, and will be replaced at set intervals (to slowly alter the position of the teeth towards a straighter position). To monitor the progress of your smile, you should come and visit us every four to eight weeks, to ensure progress is being made in the way that we’d expect. After your invisalign process is complete, you will need to have a form of retainer, to ensure your new smile is maintained.

What if I feel nervous about having Invisalign In Hastings?

Many individuals may feel nervous about visiting their local dental clinic for a wide variety of reasons, one of which may be a phobia. A phobia is an irrational fear which may be triggered by a negative childhood memory. At Warrior Square Dental Practice in Hastings we pride ourselves on making our patients, whether they be new patients, or individuals who have undergone service with us for many years, feel comfortable and at ease at all times during their visit to our dental clinic in Hastings.

What services do you offer at Warrior Square Dental Practice in Hastings?

At our clinic in Hastings we are unique in the way that we offer a wide variety of services under one roof, from preventative hygienist treatment to restorative and cosmetic treatments including dental implants.

Do I have to pay for my dental treatments upfront?

No! Many individuals may not have sufficient funds to pay for their dental treatment upfront, which is why we offer you the option to pay by instalments as you go or to pay by finance plan.

What is a finance plan?

A finance plan allows you to spread the cost of your dental treatment over a number of monthly instalments to suit your budget.

Please speak to your dentist for further details.

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